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Video Update 2015



Hello From Sue!  

Are You New to Water Exercise?

Watch This Clip –>

Want to Burn & Tone with the Best Moves Possible? Click on Any Package Below!

When you’re lucky enough to have a portable Dvd player, I-pad or any other portable electronics at your poolside, then you’ll want to check out Sue’s Play-Thru Video below.

Splash +Dash DVD Cover Front
Splash +Dash Disc

Splash and Dash

–into Sue’s 28-Minute Play-thru Workout!

Tight on Time? Tight on Space?

Start your poolside player and let Sue propel you thru Max Cardio, Toning and Abdominal Drills in a Minimum amount of time—and space!
Great for petite pools and super-crowded group classes.

Tight on Equipment?

Splash and Dash uses ONE and ONLY ONE aqua hand bell for Sue-per clever toning drills. (No equipment, No worries, just use your bare hands) Wait ‘til you see these fresh moves!

Drills, Thrills & Handbells - DVD Cover
Drills, Thrills & Handbells - Two DVDs

Drills, Thrills +Handbells

–The Play-Thru!

Hit play and pop into your pool! Sue cues you thru NON-STOP moves to torch and tone! Crystal-clear underwater demos–combined with music-filled moves–propel you thru 4 sweat-free 28-minute thrilling workouts!

Great Value! This TWO-Volume set contains FOUR 28-Minute workouts, all of which include drills specifically for Cardio +Core, Balance +Stretch, as well as a special drill for aqua Hand Bells! When you’re lucky enough to have a poolside electronic player, Sue is there to drill and thrill you!

Sue's 4 Essential Water Aerobic Videos

Whether you want to know all the moves all the time, or if you gotta learn your moves without the aid of poolside electronics, then Sue’s videos featured below will do the job for you.Check out all the different styles of aquacize below:”   Sue

Water Aerobics Video - Cardio + Core Deeper Water

It’s Zero-Impact Training with Sizzlin’ Burn!

Prepare to torch and tone trememdously! Specially designed for pool depths of 5 Feet and more, Sue’s combos show you super creative ways to work your cardio and sculpt your core. So grab your own aqua floatation belt and plunge into this sweat-free, zero-pounding water workout.

Cardio & Core - DVD Cover

Burn & Firm–Sweat-Free!

Sizzle significant calories and sculpt legs, belly and arms every time you pop in your pool!   Sue’s snappy 2-move Combos give you the tools to create fresh workouts daily! Perfect for Newcomers to Pool Exercise!

Barre & Blast - DVD Cover

Shapely Curves & Toney Dancer’s Legs!

Sue synchs up the hot new style of Barre workouts with pool power!  Here’s a compendium of go-to moves that torch and tone with dance flair.  Done in chest-deep water so your “do”stays dry!


Yoga in the Refreshing Flow of the Water!

Sue’s aqua yoga gives you the must-have moves to release tight muscles and improve strength and alignment.  All done in chest-deep water–sweat free!  No prior yoga required

People are loving Sue’s workouts:

“Vigorous, Challenging & Delightful Workout!”

Sue's workouts find muscles I never knew I had! I recommend it to anyone looking for a vigorous, challenging and delightful workout.  It feeds your spirit and positively moves you through the rest of your day.

M. Conrad

BSN, MPH, Instructor Vanderbilt School of Nursing

“It’s a REAL Workout!”

The water workout is a real workout, and the benefits to me are nearly miraculous.


Amazing Customer Service!

"Thanks Sue for going overboard to make my order right--amazing customer service!"  E. Shrager, Newtown Square, PA

Holy Moly!! I Was Feeling the Burn All Day

"I was feeling the burn all day on my entire body--legs, abs, arm, back --Holy Moly!! ...Another thing I find amazing about your workouts is I can easily do them while being able to watch my kids play in the pool.  No more trying to figure out when to squeeze in a workout.  My nine-year old daughter remembered one of the moves for me!"    J.Vazquez  Hollywood, FL

I Really Felt It! Yours are Definitely the Best of the Pool DVDs.

"I LOVE the Barre +Blast DVD.  I did it twice the first time and really felt it.  Yours are definitely the best of the pool DVDs that I have found.  Thank you for doing them."  DB  Downingtown, PA

“Love, Love, Love the Video!!”

"I have some '50's, '60's and disco cds I've been playing when I do your video and the time just flies by!"   CH, North Port, FL

“I Was Looking for Something Like This for a Long Time, and Finally Found It!

Ï'm 76 and physically fit--however, I'm working the Combos slowly.  I especially love your personality and teaching style.  I was looking for something like this for a long time and finally found it!" AD  Rhode Island

“Everything Else Just Seemed for an Older Crowd”

Since finding your videos, i'm in the pool daily--and sometimes 2 to 3 times because of these more challenging water exercises.  Everything else on the market just seemed for an older crowd.  You've motivated me at age 55 to get in even better shape!"  CG, Atlanta, GA

“The Deeper Water Exercises are Rocking!”

"I feel stronger every time I get in the pool!  My daughter says I'm "lookin' good". My clothes are looser and I'm looking toned.  That's awesome!" KB, Florida

“Lost 5 Sizes and 70 Pounds…”

"Over the last 9 months, I've lost 5 sizes and 70 pounds while doing your video everyday and combining it with healthier eating.  I like the water--it's so much safer than the gym!" BJ, Arizona