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Cardio and Core



Cardio & Core - DVD Cover

“Easy to follow & also intense. Brilliant exercise program!”

–B. Nylander, MD

Beginner-Friendly, Body-Friendly!

No prior pool experience required!  Sue shows you how with +crystal-clear underwater demos +trainer’s tips and +time targets.  Video includes Starter Trio (view below) plus four key modules that’ll deliver hours of feisty pool exercise.  Learn your moves via Sue’s highly successful “PLAY & PAUSE” format:  you PLAY the 5-minute full-action tutorial, then PAUSE the video to work it as long and as intensely as YOU desire! Sizzling and yet straightforward–you can learn the moves in the morning, then take your know-how to the pool later that same day!

“Love, Love, Love the Video!!

I’m in the pool 2-3 times daily with these challenging pool exercises. Everything else on the market just seemed for an older crowd”   CG, Atlanta, GA

Extra Training Tips are Yours FREE…

Yes! Get FREE exercise boosts regularly by liking “suepoolguru” on Facebook. And for amped up challenges, Check Out Sue’s Trainer’s Tips (see menu above).

Not sure which video is right for YOU? Click on Sue’s CONTACT page. Sue will happily and expeditiously email or call you to discuss your aqua needs!

Torch and tone–sweat-free!  Sue’s “Cardio Moves”  are the gotta-know, and gotta-have moves to sizzle max calories.  Crystal-clear underwater Sue-demos mean you’ll learn the moves in mini time.  Then mix and match all your cardio moves for fresh, feisty workouts every time you pop in the pool.

It’s a fresh twist!  Sue’s “Core Moves” are strain-free liquid sculpting for the belly.  So fun, you’ll never go back to old-school crunches on the mat.  Plus, each core move is a great companion to Sue’s cardio moves.  Done in chest-deep water so your “do” stays dry!

It’s a Fact:  Due to water’s natural density, you can grab a full-body, intensely-toning workout in the pool  in as little as 25 MINUTES !


 “Holy Moly!”

I was feeling the burn all day on my legs, abs, arms & back!”  JV,  Hollywood, FL



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