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Cardio and Core Deeper Water



Water Aerobics Video - Cardio + Core Deeper Water

Heads Up!!  This workout is B.Y.O.B    –Bring Your Own Belt!!

Since this video is designed for deeper water pools, you’ll want to wear an Aqua Floatation Belt.  Sue suggests these on-line sources for belts: or   Plus, look for Sue’s article called “Finding the Floatation Belt that’s Right for YOU” on her Trainer’s Tips page. 

Beginner-Friendly, Body-Friendly!

Sue shows you how with +crystal-clear underwater demos +trainer’s tips and +time targets.  Video includes Starter Trio (view video clip below) plus four key modules/combos.  You train via Sue’s highly successful “Play & Pause” format: you watch each 5-minute full-action tutorial, then pause the video to work that module as long and as intensely as YOU desire!  It’s a real winner!

“I was Looking for Something Like This for a Long Time and Finally Found It!”

“I especially love your personality and teaching style.” AD, Rhode Island  

Extra Training Tips are Yours FREE…

Sue posts inspiring boosts & know-how regularly on Facebook! Get this FREE by liking “suepoolguru” Also, click on Sue’s Trainer’s Tips (see above) to grab oodles of clever tweaks that AMP UP the sculpting found in Sue’s Deeper Water video–Oh Yeah! 

Deeper Water Cardio

Now it takes a pool depth of only 5 Feet or more–plus your own aqua floatation belt–to torch and tone with zero-impact!  Sue shows you 6 ways to grab Hi-Burn Cardio with zero pounding on tender joints.  Toney legs, backside and arms–as well as improved knee strength–await you with this calorie-sizzling, sweat-free series of innovative cardio moves.

Excellent Cross-Training for Runners!  Sue shares her 3-Step Technique for a sure-fire stride.
Deeper Water Core

Get Your Skinny Jeans Ready!  You’d never dream of the clever ways you’ll do “liquid belly sculpting” with Sue’s series of abdominal toners.  Expressly designed for deeper water, these moves are delightfully different from old school crunches on land.  Sue shows you both Beginner as well as Advanced versions.  Sweat-free AND super-fun!

It’s a Fact:  Due to the density of water, you can nail a full-body workout in the pool  in as little as 25 Minutes!

 “The Deeper Water Exercises are Rocking!”

“My clothes are looser and I’m looking toner!”KB, Florida

Cardio + Core Deeper Water DVD


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