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Sue’s Trainer Tips

Pool Exercise Tip: Amp Up Abdominal Toning w One Tweak to My Videos’ Cardio Moves

Want to get noticeably more abdominal sculpting during your pool exercise?  Then grab these 2 basic Cardio Moves found in my videos: + Jumping Jacks (video: Cardio +Core for Chest Deep Water Aerobics) And/Or:   + Skis (video: Deeper Water Cardio +Core Water Aerobics) The starter version of these water exercises asks you to position […]

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Pool Exercise w Hand Bells?? Do I or Don’t I? Part I

Everybody loves a shiny new pool exercise “toy”, with its promise of faster toning results.  But before you take the plunge, read on… Step 1: Become a Pro at  “Align the Spine” Before you employ ANY piece of hand equipment, you gotta gotta first be able to maintain firm body alignment throughout your entire pool […]

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7 Secrets for Sue-per Successful Water Exercise – Tip #2

Here’s Tip #2 for taking your water aerobics from ho-hum to hot.  Repeat after me: Bigger is Better.  Ever seen those guys at the airport with the signal sticks, ushering the planes on and off the runway?  Notice how enormous and emphatically they wave those planes into place?  Work thataway during your water exercises;  make […]

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