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Sue’s Trainer Tips

Pool ExerciseTip: One Sneaky Tweak Turns This Water Warm-Up Move into a Wicked Abdominal Toner!

Sneaky but it works!  Here’s how to get extra abdominal toning from my brand new video, Cardio +Core for DEEPER Water.  Go to the C+C Deeper Water Video page right here on my site.  View Water Warm-Up Move #1 of the posted film clip. Use it as shown for warming up.  Then later in your […]

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Deeper Water Aerobics: Finding the Right Pool Exercise Belt for YOU

If you’ve checked out my video called Cardio +Core for DEEPER Water, then you know how crazy i am about workouts in deep water.  I love how the deep zeros out any pounding on my precious joints,  but still gives me the ways and means to crank it up! Using the right aqua floatation belt […]

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7 Secrets for Sue-per Successful Water Exercise

The babes with the bods know these pool exercise Secrets to Success. Simple Secret #1… Determine Your “Goldilocks Depth” While chest-deep water aerobics is supposed to happen in “chest deep water”, that’s alot like a T-shirt saying “one size fits all”. You’d be amazed at what an improved payoff you’ll get from your workout by […]

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