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Drills, Thrills & Handbells



Simply the BEST and Most Complete Aqua Training on the Market Today!

Great for Group Workouts in Your Backyard Pool–Sue is Your Virtual Instructor!


Great Bang for Your Buck!!
FOUR 28-Minute Play-Thru Pool Workouts in This TWO-Volume Set!
That’s TWO Hours of Quality Coaching at YOUR Pool!

(Sample Sue’s Starter Trio by viewing the video clip below)

“I was Looking for Something Like This for a Long Time and Finally Found It!”

“I especially love your personality and teaching style.” AD, Rhode Island  

Extra Training Tips are Yours FREE…

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Set up your poolside DVD player or Ipad/Android–then pop in the pool with Sue as your virtual coach. Sue cues you thru non-stop moves to torch, tone and thrill! Crystal-clear, underwater demos fill the screen while all sorts of kickin’ music to motivate you from start to finish! In a mere 28 minutes you’ll rack up a full-body, hi-burn water workout like none other! Heads Up! This is a TWO VOLUME set containing FOUR delightfully diverse 28-minute workouts!

All of Sue’s videos fit well with beginners, but still challenge seasoned water workers!

Each and every one of these unique 28 min workouts contains:

++2 Drills to Target Cardio +Core

+1 Drill for Balance & Stretch

++1 Drill for Belly & Full-Body Toning via Hand Bells

–Hand Bell Drills work well with YOUR CHOICE of aqua hand bells, aqua gloves or simply your bare hands! Got a kid’s pool noodle? Use a kitchen knife to saw it down to two 12 inch mini-noodles and you’re ready to rock the Hand Bell Drill section!

Short on time? Exit at the end of any drill. Want extra? Do two complete workouts back-to-back!

 “Over the last 9 months, I’ve Lost 5 Sizes and 70 Pounds while doing your video everyday and combining it with healthier eating”

B, Arizona

For Sweet Savings buy this video as part of Sue’s Welcome Wagon Multi-Pack!

Drills, Thrills +Handbells Disc 1
Drills, Thrills +Handbells Disc 2


  • TWO Disc Set–Great Value!FOUR Non-Stop 28-MinutePlay-Thru Workouts!
  • Higher Resolution
  • 2-Discs Packaged in One Full-Color Case

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  • Download Today–No Shipping!
  • Load to Your Laptop First, then Transfer to Your Preferred Poolside Electronic Device-Visit FAQ Page for Downloading Directions
  • Loads Workout-by-Workout:
    Allow 15 to 25 Min Total to Load All 4 Workouts