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Q: How Do I Download Sue’s Videos?

A:  It’s pretty straightforward, if you follow these technology-appropriate steps:

Step #1: Purchase Your Preferred Sue’s Videos via this Website

Step #2: You’ll Receive a Confirmation of Your Purchase Immediately

Step #3: Download Your Videos Immediately Upon Receipt of Your Confirmation. Depending on the technology you use, please follow the instructions below:

Desktop and Laptop Computers

**Firefox users** There have been a high number of downloading errors reported by Firefox browser users. Please use an alternative browser for your downloads.

Downloading on Windows – Unless you specify a different folder, your videos will be available in the DOWNLOADS folder on your computer. From there you can drag the files to your desktop and move them to any folder you choose. **TIP** Use Microsoft OneDrive to access your videos from other computers, your tablet, and even your phone!

Downloading on Mac – Your video will be available in the DOWNLOADS folder on your computer. From there you can drag the file to your iTunes Library. You can sync your videos to your iPad when you have connected it to your computer. **TIP** Use DropBox to sync and access your videos from other devices without the need to connect to your computer.

Tablets and Phones

Heads Up!!  When you’re on a mobile device, be sure to download videos only when you’re connected to WiFi – otherwise downloading over 4G may result in additional data charges from your wireless carrier!

Downloading on Android – Your video will be available in MY FILES or GALLERY on your device. **TIP** Use Google Drive to sync and access your videos from other computers and mobile devices.

Downloading on iPad – You cannot download files using the regular Safari browser on iPads or iPhones! Instead, use the iCab Mobile web browser, available in the iTunes App Store (click  here for a helpful YouTube video with iCab Mobile instructions).

Since these are full length videos, you’ll need 400 to 600 MB of storage  per video(usually most folks can spare that amount of space!)  Just allow 15 to 30 minutes per video of load time and load them one-at-a-time pretty please! 


Q: I’d Like to Order Your Videos, But I’m Not Crazy about doing Purchases On-Line?  Is There Another Option?

A:  Yes!  We can do a transaction the good ole fashion way.  You’re welcome to send me  a check.  Just include $7.30 along with the DVD price (to cover handling plus Priority Shipping).   My address is:   Sue at New Attitude Exercise,  1111 Draughon Avenue,  Nashville, TN 37204

Q: How Often Can I Do a Water Workout?
A: You’ve hit the jackpot!!!
The natural buoyancy of water protects tender knees, hips & back. Plus, the inherent massaging property of water works out muscle soreness as you work out. That’s why athletes have used the water for no-down-time training.

So yes, you can comfortably do a water workout daily.  Many students report that they sleep better and feel their muscles are refreshed.  Physiologically, you’ll improve your cardio endurance and receive a full body toning. If you combine your water workouts with nutritionally-sound eating, you’ve got a winner for weight management.

Q: What Do I Wear to Aquacize?
A: Wear a bathing suit that keeps all your important assets firmly in place—and feel free to put a T-shirt over your suit while in the water. Aquacizing in the great outdoors may lead you to don your favorite visor, chic shades and sunscreen.

Here’s a must every time: Grab a water bottle, fill it with H20 or Gatorade. Hydrate before, during and after class. Aquacize will have you working up a sweat, but in the water, you’ll never even notice. Feel free to place your water bottle poolside during class.

Q: Why Do Students Wear Shoes in the Pool?
A: For pool traction (and added leg toning), many students wear pool shoes. What are these? They can be as basic as old aerobic shoes—with WHITE soles—that you don’t mind getting in the chlorine wetness.

But let’s not forget that for every sport, there is a shoe—and so it is with water workouts! Manufacturers make these sport-styled shoes that have holes in the bottom (for water drainage) and Velcro closures (they don’t come untied while you’re aqua-ing).  These gems are easy to find on-line—ask if there is a sale going on. One source is

….If there’s a question you’re still dying to ask,
email or call Sue (almost) any time at: 615-300-6071

“Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action brings grace and improvement.”
— Goethe