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"No one motivates and inspires people to jump out of their comfort zone like Sue.

Sue can uplift minds, bodies and energize your next workshop or meeting."     

                                  C. Finch, Event Coordinator & PR Consultant

Sue here….When i walked in to speak to Ladies Who Launch, a group of business entrepreneurs, the recession was full-on.  My sponsor looked at me and said, "these ladies are worn-down, jaded.  I need you to move them to a better place.  And you've got 17 minutes to do it!"

"It's been 24 hours since I heard you speak, and I'm still hollering 'Yes!  Yes!  Yes!'"      

T. Connell, participant

Sue here...The Corporate Retreat Coordinator told me, "once a year we bring in all our folks.  These people have to operate independently week-in, week-out when they're out in the field.  They've got to stay positive out there.   During our retreat, it's key to build a sense of team, so they can take that back out in the field with them."

"Your evaluations rated your presentation as excellent.  Thank you." 

TN Opportunities Program

Sue here….The All About Women Expo translates into as many as 18,000 women investigating what Nashville has to offer in preventative health care, wellness services and exercise.  My job is to convince attendees that "Movement is Improvement".

"You really got the crowds going.Thanks for energizing us!" 

S. Smallwood, Director

Whenever you need to fire up your group or move them to a better state of mind, contact me.

Let's deliver your message–memorably!