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Want Sue to Come to YOU?

A Sue Workshop can be Tailored to your Group’s Interests:  

+ Hi-burn Cardio  + Aqua Core  +Aqua yoga  +Aqua  barre  +Deeper water  +Lower-impact for mature adults   +or combinations of Sue’s best-selling programs!  

Sue also teaches Land Classes in Barre Boot Camp (wicked) and Restorative Yoga (Iyengar).


More Workshop Info:

–Sue can meet up with your group at any pool that meets these particulars:

+Large Private Pool (holds 10 to 14 people)  +Large Hotel/Resort Pool  +Recreational & Community Center Pool

+Pool Depth is Important:  At Least 4 Feet   Extra Good if there’s an added Deeper Water Section (5 Ft and Deeper)

+Sue is ACSM certified (American College of Sports Medicine) as well as Red Cross CPR/AED

+A certified life guard is required during the workshop

+Sue holds $3 Million of Liability insurance and will require participants to sign a Waiver Form (Covers both the Property & Persons)

+Sue brings with her:  Commercial Grade Sound System–completely Portable–no need to plug in.  During her training sessions, Sue uses lotsa kinds of music  plus her voice over microphone (be sure this is cleared with pool bystanders, neighbors, etc)


“Contact Me Today!  We’re Gonna Learn A LOT and Have a Blast!!”  sue       615-300-6071