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7 Secrets for Sue-per Successful Water Exercise – Tip #2

Here’s Tip #2 for taking your water aerobics from ho-hum to hot.  Repeat after me: Bigger is Better. 

Ever seen those guys at the airport with the signal sticks, ushering the planes on and off the runway?  Notice how enormous and emphatically they wave those planes into place?  Work thataway during your water exercises;  make every sweep of your arms and legs big and powerful.  

For example, on my video Cardio +Core for Chest-Deep Water, look at the cardio move in Combo #2–the jumping jack move. Strive to open your arms fully–really PRESS your elbows and knuckles back against the water’s resistance.  Slow it down a bit if need be so you can open wide on the arms–and legs too!  You’ll noticeably amp up the toning to your chest, arms and backside.

Now look at the Warm-Up Trio of my video Deeper Water Cardio +Core.  On Move #3 of the Warm Up, it’s really easy to cheat by only partially lowering each leg on the downstroke.   I call this “mice-size movements”.  Instead,  focus on pressing the leg stroke ALL the way down TO THE POOL BOTTOM–every leg, every time!  Do this and you’ll reap max booty and thigh toning–and rev up your cardio like crazy.

Yes enormous leg and arm movements require extra oomph to make them happen.  And yes of course, use your own common sense to work at a level that feels right to your body. But focus on bigger moves so that you can  burn a-heck-a-lot more calories, plus tone and tighten right where you want it.   Now go hit the pool and chant with me, “I like it Bigger ‘cuz Bigger is Better!”

All my best,