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Pool Exercise Tip: Amp Up Abdominal Toning w One Tweak to My Videos’ Cardio Moves

Want to get noticeably more abdominal sculpting during your pool exercise?  Then grab these 2 basic Cardio Moves found in my videos:

+ Jumping Jacks (video: Cardio +Core for Chest Deep Water Aerobics)

And/Or:   + Skis (video: Deeper Water Cardio +Core Water Aerobics)

The starter version of these water exercises asks you to position BOTH arms at the water’s surface, swing them widely open to the sides of your body, then sweep the arms to the front, clapping them shut.  That’s great stuff–always begin with Set #1 thataway.

With Sets #2 and #3, Amp It Up This Way:

Keep the basic leg move going (ski or jack legs).  But above the waist, position one arm in front of you as if you were offering a handshake–and DO NOT move it!  Also align your belly button with that non-moving arm--so your torso points forward in the same direction as your arm.

Now sweep the other arm and ONLY that arm, open then shut –just as in the basic version.  Sweep On  with Your Fine Self!

Watch what happens….your waist is going to want to swing open when the arm does.  But NO!  Don’t let it.  Keep your torso facing front and center by deeply firming with the muscles in your belly.  It’s tougher than you think!  But that’s how you get the payoff of extra abdominal toning.

Do at least 8 to 12 arm sweeps with that same singular arm before switching to the opposite arm (oh yeah, some folks find it extra-challenging while using their less dominant arm (that’s the left arm for lotsa folks).  And as always, do not hunch over while working it.

You can do it!  And i know you can do it!  Amp up these fundamental pool exercises to make them oh-so-much-more-for-your-core!

All My Best,


sue, the "pool guru"