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Pool Exercise w Hand Bells?? Do I or Don’t I? Part I

Everybody loves a shiny new pool exercise “toy”, with its promise of faster toning results.  But before you take the plunge, read on…

Step 1: Become a Pro at  “Align the Spine”

Before you employ ANY piece of hand equipment, you gotta gotta first be able to maintain firm body alignment throughout your entire pool workout while using nothing more than your bare-naked wonderful arms.  Use either one of these two samples moves as your litmus test::

++On my video Cardio +Core for Chest-Deep Water, use Combo #2, the Cardio move–it’s Water Jumping Jacks.

++With my Deeper Water Cardio +Core video, use Combo #1, the Cardio move–Skis.

Now take your test-move to the pool and do a big bunch of these.  As you work the sample move,  observe your body/spine position.  Can you readily keep your shoulders erect and floating over the back edges of your hips?? Is your head balanced over your shoulders without tension.  Or do you eventually round your back, cave at the shoulders, and/or jut your chin forward (be honest here)?

Recall that water is 12 times denser than air, so you’ve already got a sue-per challenge even without the added resistance of hand equipment.  My reco:  Give yourself the green light on adding equipment when and ONLY when you can maintain a tall, firm torso 100% of the time during your water exercise.  Think “Align the Spine” first.  And overtime, you’ll strengthen au natural!

Step Two:  Proceed to Aqua Gloves First

Once you’re feeling your torso firmly uncaving during your entire pool exercise program, then go to gloves.  I love aqua gloves and I use them much much more than aqua hand bells. They really increase the oomph necessary to do your moves, so you’ll get that lean, sculpted arm look–ooooh!

It takes no more than $20 to buy a nice pair.  I prefer the variety with neoprene material on top (think scuba suit material) combined with a rubber-gripper material at the palm.  I like the ones with open fingertips.  All the major pool gear suppliers have their own version plus many local sporting goods shops as well as some of the large discount chains carry them seasonally.

Step 3: Remember that hand position greatly impacts happy, healthy shoulders.  

Once you slip on your aqua gloves, maintain your hands in Handshake Position–the palm faces inward and the thumb is always at top–“thumbs up”.  This applies to virtually all Cardio +Core  moves, including running (who knew?!)

So before you take the plunge on any pool gear…

remember that you gotta be able to work it first with skillful alignment–you and ONLYyourself–no added ingredients (or cost).  Once you’ve been extremely honest about maintaining alignment, then consider tossing in a pair of aqua gloves–during no more than 50% of your workout.

I’ll write again soon.  And when I do, I’ll give you the inside scoop on aqua hand bells–Part 2.

Do Great Things!