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Weekly Classes

Sue’s Classes Meet All Year Round, Every Week:

++Weekday Mornings/Sat Mornings/Afterwork


=Classes Meet Indoors During Cool Months. 

   Outdoors During Warm Months

Email Sue for Current Season’s Schedule:

She’ll get back to you speedily!

What to Wear? What to Bring?
+Music, Motivation & Equipment provided by Sue
+Wear a surfer’s shirt over your swim suit if you choose. Wear aqua shoes or old tennis shoes for foot support as well as traction.
+BYOW—bring your own water for poolside
+Be sure Sue has a signed waiver from you
+Be sure Sue has your contact info for texting. Also email address if you want to receive weekly updates

For Snappy Aqua Shirts:  or

Questions or Suggestions? Text or call Sue at 615-300-6071

Sue’s Student Says: “I have lost an entire pant and skirt size–nearly two sizes–since starting 6 months ago.  My back has not hurt in months and my knee pain is nearly gone.  I am toning up and looking much, much better and more fit.  The water is a real workout and the benefits to me are nearly miraculous.”  jbc, “a true convert

Sue’s Student Says:  “it’s the morning after my aqua class and i’m not stiff–no tight hamstrings, no tight hips.  It’s a great workout but it also gives the body flexibility.  Wow, i think i’m a believer in water now.”  RF