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Yoga Focus and Flow Water Aerobics Video



“Magnificent exercise program–it’s easy to follow and also intense.”

–B. Nylander, MD

No Prior Yoga?? No Worries! 

Sue shows you how with +crystal-clear underwater demos +trainer’s tips and +time targets.

Sue’s Sure You’ll Be Thrilled….

Video includes Starter Trio (view it below),  plus three essential modules, as well as a challenging Final Flow Sun Salutation.  Sue’s sure you’ll release, replenish & revive!

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BONUS Free Starter Trio from Sue's Cardio+Core Aqua Video

De-stress! Tight shoulders, hamstrings and lower back are the focal points.  Liquefying tension is the goal.  Done in chest deep water, each of Sue’s Yoga “Focus Moves” is specially designed for the aqua environment. Feel the water’s massaging fluidity as you release and restore.

Yoga flow in the pool! Excellent for improving your balance–as well as strengthening your legs, back and arms. Your challenge level progresses combo-by-combo, still it’s remarkably doable–thanks to the water’s support!

 Come Experience Yoga as You Never Have Before!



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